Whither Goest Thou is an evening-length performative environment that uses movement (dance vocabulary) to inform its content, and text (theater vocabulary) to inform the overall form/structure. The result will be a textual and movement-based landscape that will transport its audience one thousand fictional miles – it’s a trip, wherein bodies function as the constant outside-the-window movement, and information must be gathered from fragments, from the blaring radio of the conductor as they hustle wordlessly past, the know-it-all fellow passenger whose ideas may or may not have any actual basis in fact.


Whither Goest Thou (wip) from Katie Rose McLaughlin on Vimeo.

WHITHER GOEST THOU (work-in-progress)
Choreography and Direction by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Co-Direction and Text by Dan O’Neil
Featuring Johnny Gasper, Brighid Greene, Alex Schell, Mary Kate Sickel, Emily Pacilio, Gavin Price, & Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski

Movement Research’s Open Performance (2016)
Presented at Little Theater at Dixon Place (2015)

THROW at The Chocolate Factory (2014)
DanceNOW RAW Studio Show (2014)
Center for Performance Research Studio Show (2014)
New Skin for the Old Ceremony (2014)
Dance New Amsterdam (2012)
Triskelion Arts (2012)