Choreographed by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Featuring Brighid Greene, Emily Pacilio, & Mary Kate Sickel

Presented by the Barn Arts Collective in 2015 & 2016

CLARA NOT CLARA: A NUTCRACKER (work-in-progress)
Choreographed by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Directed by Joshua William Gelb
Music Direction by Ian Axness
Text by Dan O’Neil
Set Design by Sara C. Walsh
Costume Design by Diego Montoya
Lighting Design by Josh Smith
Sound Design by Gavin Price
Assistent Choreographer, Mary Kate Sickel
New York Workshop featured performances by Valda Setterfield, Kaitlyn Gilliland, Lisa Lockwood, Gary Chryst, Pierre Guilbault, & Louisa Blakely
Minnesota Workshop featured additional performances by Lise Houlton, Barton Cowperthwaite & Marcia Chapman

Presented by Minnesota Dance Theatre (2015)
Workshop production at Knockdown Center, Queens (2014)

Written by Dan O’Neil
Directed by Joshua William Gelb
Choreographed by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Featuring Zoë Geltman, Joshua William Gelb, R.N. Healey, & Dan O’Neil
Design by Josh Smith & Gavin Price

Project Residency at Ars Nova, 2016
Presented by Ars Nova, ANT FEST 2015

Little Theater at Dixon Place, 2014

WHITHER GOEST THOU (work-in-progress)
Choreography and Direction by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Co-Direction and Text by Dan O’Neil
Featuring Johnny Gasper, Brighid Greene, Alex Schell, Mary Kate Sickel, Emily Pacilio, Gavin Price, & Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski

Movement Research’s Open Performance (2016)
Presented at Little Theater at Dixon Place (2015)

THROW at The Chocolate Factory (2014)
DanceNOW RAW Studio Show (2014)
Center for Performance Research Studio Show (2014)
New Skin for the Old Ceremony (2014)
Dance New Amsterdam (2012)
Triskelion Arts (2012)

Choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Sound Design by Taylor Brook
Dramaturgy by Dan O’Neil
Featuring Brighid Greene, Emily Pacilio & Mary Kate Sickel

SYTYCC at Proctor’s Theater, presented by Nacre Dance (2015)
Presented at CounterPointe Festival (2015)

CATCH Performance Series, The Invisible Dog (2014)
Fourth Avenue Arts Block Festival (2013)
Wassaic Project Summer Festival (2013)
WAH Spring Dance Festival (2013)
newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater (2013)

Direction by Joshua William Gelb
Text by Dan O’Neil
Movement by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Design by Patrick Rizzotti
Featuring Andrew Broaddus, Laura Grant, Brighid Greene, Noah Plomgren, Jessie Shelton, & Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski

Presented by chashama (2012)
& as part of COMMOTION at Dixon Place (2013)