No Correct Dancers is an experimental dance/theater exploration involving an overzealous optometrist and the choices between lens A and lens B. Using text as an abstracted vocal score rather than a map for storyline, it inhabits a world where words are music and dance is the language of communication.

No Correct Dancers utilizes ensemble-based movement, live voice over, song, minispectacle, close proximity, the anxiety of visiting the doctor, and the gray space between the definite answer and the absolute unknown. We establish a point of perspective in order to abstract it until it becomes an entirely altered point of view.

In this world, the text is, at first, the voice of the doctor in your ear as you undergo an eye exam. The routine of getting your eyes checked becomes a catalyst for developing broader ideas of perception and making (sometimes arbitrary) choices based on your three-second-long exposure to external stimulus. The stakes are clear – at the end of the exam, you’ll be assigned a different way of seeing. Your new lens will fit fine. Please contact your doctor immediately if you experience blurriness, loss of confidence, or profound euphoria.

Direction by Joshua William Gelb
Text by Dan O’Neil
Movement by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Design by Patrick Rizzotti
Featuring Andrew Broaddus, Laura Grant, Brighid Greene, Noah Plomgren, Jessie Shelton, & Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski

Presented by chashama (2012)
& as part of COMMOTION at Dixon Place (2013)